Hi, my name is Trevor, and I am the owner of LinTree Spiritual Wellbeing Ltd. This is very much a new venture for me, and I have only been involved in complimentary therapies and spirituality for a few years.

Very quickly I came to realise that there are many benefits to complimentary therapies other than just the treatments, and in some cases even the different types of treatments difficult to find. I decided that I would create a safe space in which like-minded people could meet and share so, LinTree Spiritual Wellbeing was born out of a dream.

Who Can Benefit

Anyone can benefit, as there are so different types of healing, what may help some may not others. For example Atlantean is a completely hands off technique. If you would like more information click here.

We help you in different situations

Health Coach

Balanced Body & Mind

Individual Support

People & Relationship


Chapel Candles


Strawberry Green Quartz Wands

£10.05 each

Ascendance Figurine 28cm


Adult Silver Dragon 31cm