Usui Reiki

Reiki literally means ‘Vital life force that is guided by universal wisdom’. Reiki is a form of hands on or hands off healing that taps in to the life force energy radiating from every living thing. The act of putting your hands on someone in pain or who is ill is instinctive and comforting.

What are the Benefits of Reiki?

Balances the bodies energies - Chakras & Meridians . Promotes & Supports the bodies natural healing ability. Helps Strengthen the immune system Cleanses the body of toxins - negative energies and stimulates body waste clearing systems. Relieves pain and tension. Treats the cause as well as the symptoms of the illness. Adjusts itself to each person and their needs. Helps promote relaxation and inner well being. Empowers us to take responsibility of our own lives. Promotes Creativity - Mental and Physical. Works on all levels, Physical, Mental & Spiritual.

Atlantean healing goes back to the golden age of Atlantis it is based on The law of One and states that there is no separation from the divine. We are part of the whole  and our actions affect every single creature throughout the universe.

Atlantean therapy is one of very high vibration and works primarily in the Auric layer to identify Physical, emotional or mental problems that we have. With the aid of the Angels of Atlantis we will work on 12 chakras rather than the mainly used 7 and the 4 elements of the body, EARTH, WATER, FIRE and AIR.

Atlantean healing also works on a level that enables the healer to detect things that the client may have brought with them from past lives. So to enable the removal of these you will be asked if you are willing to release them at the beginning. You will also be asked to remove any glasses watches and crystals as these can affect the healing or get affected by the energy.

Atlantean healing is totally hands off so there is no contact with the client throughout the session. This also makes it very good for distance healing.


Crystal Healing

Crystal healers mainly work with a holistic model of the human being. And as such treat them as a whole including mental state, emotions and well being of the body. The nature of crystals is a natural energy and is believed to increase the levels of harmony in their natural environment, and with this in mind balance can be brought back into the clients energy and Auric field. Healers work in different ways and will feel the energy required so crystals may be placed around the body or on the body and often a combination of both. During a session you will not be asked to remove any clothing only watches , glasses and crystals as this is for your comfort and any crystals worn can affect the energy.

About Me

Hi My name is Trevor and I am the owner of LinTree Spiritual Wellbeing Ltd.

This is very much a new venture for me and I came in to Complimentary therapies a relatively short time ago and have met some wonderful people who have now become friends. Circumstance over the last few years have meant that I was only able to work at a part time basis but this changed last year. So taking the plunge I decided to leave my job to work as a full time therapist from home, very quickly I realised that it was not going to work in this form as with all dreams they grow and so the search for a suitable premises was on.

After viewing quite an array of shapes and sizes I settled on 110 Shirley High Street, first impressions where a bit daunting as my thoughts where for a small shop and treatment room, But no we went bigger. Which was really the right thing to do because my aim was to bring in as many different therapies to as many people as possible making a safe community so if you where a therapist or medium just starting out, wishing to expand or established then there was somewhere for you to be.This would then enable us as a group to bring together a new and exciting adventure for both us and you.

So as with most dreams there has to be a hiccup and so I signed the lease 2 weeks prior to Covid lock down, during this time travelling between home and the building I was able to get changes and decorating done, stock brought in and so opening became a reality on July 11th 2020, unfortunately only the shop as at that point therapies where not allowed to be carried out.

Now this has been relaxed so from the 1st of August we will be fully open to do various therapies along with, readings

and life coaching.

So the dream for me has become a reality and I thank you for taking the time to read this if you are in Shirley please

pop in and say hello and may I be the first to wish you all success in your dreams.

Treatment Rooms

Reading Rooms

Anyone can benefit, as there are so different types of healing, what may help some may not others. For example Atlantean is a completely hands off technique. If you would like more information click here to download or view the leaflet.   

The nature of crystals is a natural energy and is believed to increase the levels of harmony in their natural environmen.

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This healing is totally hands off so there is no contact to the client throughout the session so also makes it very good for distance healing.

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Balances the bodies energies - Chakras & Meridians Promotes & Supports the bodies natural healing ability.

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Usui Reiki




Crystal Therapy


MEDITATION  evenings will begin from the end of August

Email for details or call in the shop

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